Coronavirus Update #2

LIV Aveda Salon & Spa Coronavirus Update:

As the situation involving the spread of the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, continues to develop, we are committed to taking measures to protect our guests and our team members. We are following the executive orders from our governor’s mandated closure.  Currently our plan is to open on June 1st.  We’ve been calling everyone impacted in our books up to get you moved to a future time.  If we have not been able to connect with you, please call us at 507-388-1559.  During the mandated shutdown we have limited hours to answer the phones.  Monday-Thursday 10am-6pm; Friday 10am-4pm; Saturday 12pm-4pm; and Sunday Closed.

At this time with the updated closure we are scheduled to be open Monday, June 1st.  We apologize for anyone who must wait longer than you would like.  We’re very blessed with many amazing guests that schedule out weeks/months in advance.  This does make it harder to move appointments around to future dates, but we will get you in as soon as possible.  We appreciate every one of our guests.  Many of our team members are adjusting their schedule to help get guests in timelier, but these times fill up fast.  We appreciate everyone as a guest, and we thank you for being so understanding in these difficult times while we get these appointments moved.

What about post COVID-19 Closure:

We’re closely monitoring the recommendations from CDC and the Minnesota Department of Health on what will be recommended to keep our employees and guests safe once we open.  Expect increased measures for our guests to wash their hands prior to each service and proper distance from others.  We’ll do the same to keep you safe.  More updates will be coming on this

Why local?:

Many times, people get confused as to if LIV Aveda Salon & Spa is local or some big company.  “LIV” is a family owned local business only in Mankato.  Owners are Tami & Tim Tupy.  Our team is comprised of amazing individuals that love what they do to help guests every day.  We’re all very excited to get back to helping our guests.  We appreciate all you do to help make us who we are.  It’s important that we thank you for supporting us as a local business.  THANK YOU!  LIV has been in the community for 18 years and we’re excited for the next 18.  Supporting local also includes our retail sales.  We thank you for buying local from “our store”.  That’s during this shutdown and every other day.  During this shutdown we’re offering FREE SHIPPING.  Just call us at 507-388-1559.  Thank you for supporting local!

Thank you in advance for your understanding regarding any inconveniences that may arise. We hope everyone is well and in a safe space.

Tim & Tami Tupy, and the entire LIV Aveda Salon & Spa Team



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