Staff Favorite Thursday

Staff: KatieJo

*Elite Stylist

Favorite Products: Hair Potion, Smoothing Fluid, and Phomolliant

Why do you like this product?

Hair Potion I like because it gives great texture to clean hair. It makes you feel like you have the look of 2nd day hair. Smoothing Fluid I like because it is a great detangler, smoothes frizzies and static and creates shine anytime of the year. Phomolliant I like because it has a light hold, is easy to use, and has a great smell.

How do you use this product?

Hair Potion is sprinkled in at the scalp in sections you want more lift or to hold backcombing. Smoothing Fluid you apply wet or dry. Use a small amount in palms; start at ends and work your way up. Phomolliant use 9 to 6 pumps and work from root to ends.

Is there any cocktailing you do with this product? What other products do you use and what does it do?

I can cocktail hair potion with phomolliant. Sprinkle the hair potion into the phomolliant and work it from root to ends. Smoothing Fluid and Be Curly work well as a moisturizing detangling solution as well.



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