Certified Massage Therapist

Professional Since: 2006

LIV Professional Since: 2014

foot reflexology
body exfoliation
kinesio taping
hot stones

Interests + About Me:
What I like about doing massage therapy is helping my clients feel better in every sense of the word; physically, mentally, spiritually & emotionally. I feel I do my best work on the neck and shoulders, so clients who come in with headaches usually walk away headache free. I like learning about my clients lives, whatever they’re comfortable sharing with me. I love to travel to new & exciting places. I’ve traveled all over; besides the lower 48 states (haven’t been to all states- yet!) I’ve been to Germany, Mexico, Ireland, Key West & Hawaii to name a few. I like exploring new places, seeing different cultures, experiencing different foods. I’m an only child but I have a large family & the majority of us all live in the same town. I took up the fun hobby of kickboxing- great way to relieve stress & get a great workout!!